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VE2RM Inc.

The Western Quebec VHF/UHF

Amateur Radio Club

By: Adrien Michaud

From the minutes of the meeting held at Ste. Anne's Armoury Jan 17th, 1968: For the benefit of the new members, VE2ADE Guy Dumais gave a comprehensive report covering the history of the club. VE2OJ Jim Ibey, thanked several members for preparing the site and getting the AM and FM repeaters operational. VE2AVP Milan Konecny reported on his work in testing a tone dial system for repeater control. The membership lists 44 members.

From the minutes of 8 Oct 68 at the Seville Motel with 30 members and guest present:

After considerable discussion over the site for the next meeting place, VE2AVP Milan requested that a vote of non-confidence be taken. This was seconded by Glen Bainns VE2BGK. It was revealed that the secretary and the treasurer had already sent the president a letter of 'demission'. A vote was taken and the president won by one. VE2CK Tom (President) then resigned. VE2AUD Dave (V-P) proceeded with an election to replace the missing executives. VE2BGJ Larry Dobby was elected President, VE2ADE Guy Secretary, VE2AVP Milan Treasurer. VE2AVP then reported progress on the new antennas under construction and made the suggestion that we look into buying land across the road from our repeater site, it was decided that a decision would be taken at the next meeting.

De 20 Nov 68 meeting:

VE2ADE thanked VE2ALE Joe for his outstanding job of restoring repeater facilities on the 12 Nov. VE2OK Ray Lavoie presented his report on the steps taken on behalf of the club to have the club incorporated. VE2CU Rolly moved and VE2EV John Sweeney seconded that our corporate name be VE2RM Inc. and that minutes of the last meeting be changed from non-confidence to confidence. Both motions passed. VE2BU Bruce then informed us that he had bought 1 lot with an option on the adjoining 2 lots on Mt. Rigaud on behalf of the club until such time as the club could pay him back.

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