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De 11 Feb 69 meeting at the Dorval Legion:

The club members met with Me Audette, Notary defined the club by-laws for the purpose of incorporation. The members then voted to raise a bond issue to pay for the lots on Mt. Rigaud. The next meeting to be elections on 5 March.

De 14 May 69 meeting:

VE2BU Bruce opened the meeting by thanking VE2APT Mike Johl for organizing the supper preceding the meeting. VE2AKM Dick Wansless was presented a two metre transceiver by the club. A special thanks to VE2AVP and VE2CA Norm Frendin for their work maintaining the repeater. FLASH ! As of 6 July the shack to house the repeater is on the new property. Included with these minutes were the first details of VE2RM's control system.

De 13 Aug 69 meeting minutes:

It was decided that the tower would be put up on the 16 Sep under the watchful eye of VE2ADE Guy. On the 10 Sep VE2OK Ray was to get the necessary pieces for the electrical entrance. VE2APT Mike accepted to be net control manager for the VE2RM nets. It was decided to pay Milan $250 for his expenses for the control system.

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From MARCOGRAM November 1970:


The Western Quebec VHF-UHF Radio Club is located on Mount Rigaud. The site features a newly constructed building on a fairly heavily wooded lot. The building's interior is presently in the process of being finished, through it is evident that two main room are provided. One houses the repeater equipment, while the other will be used for contests and small social gatherings. The repeater antenna array, supported on a 112 foot tower, is almost completely hidden by the trees. At last count membership in VE2RM totalled 65. Dues, donations, and other revenues have proven sufficient to cover all operating expenditures.

The club grew from VHF activities on Mount Rigaud by Joe Unsworth, Bruce Hermiston and Fraser Sypher. After a number of QSO's and relays into the city by fellows on the hill, Cam Campbell became interested in the establishment of a repeater for communications between his cottage at 16 Island Lake and Montreal. Thus the Western Quebec VHF-UHF Radio Club was formed in January of 1967: officers were:

President - VE2OJ (Jim Ibey)

Vice - Pres. - VE2ALE (Joe Unsworth)

Secretary - VE2CK (Tom Cunningham)

Treasurer - VE2BU (Bruce Hermiston)

Unfortunately Mr. Campbell died soon after the formal establishment of the club and did not see the repeater go into operation.

In April of 1967 VE2RM went into operation using a Canadian Marconi repeater that was made available by Joe Duncan VE2DB. The antennae were installed on a wooden frame tower, still standing, near the present site. Operation has been continuous since that time with one exception; lighting struck on July 3, 1968 and the station was off the for 24 hours.

Many refinements have been introduced in the original station and of course many problems have had to be solved. Many combinations of radiators were tried before settling on the use of folded dipoles in a vertical array which were made by VE2JO Al Smardon. UHF links are used as slave repeaters and for control functions. One such link to a slave repeaters and for VE2CRA site provides access and coverage of the Ottawa area, and plans are in the making to further extend VE2RM's range using this same technique. One of the more interesting features of the system is the control console built by VE2AVP. It contains the diode matrix CW identifier, a tree minute timer ( adjustable ) and numerous functions made available to the remote control station. Over 60 functions are presently executed and the capacity can be increased should more controls be required.

The Club has recently joined AMSAT. The plans are now being made to enable tracking of future satellites with automatic and remote controlled antennae.

The VE2RM club has thrived as a result of the serious interest and participation of its members and we wish them success in their future undertakings.


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