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De 11 Feb 69 meeting at the Dorval Legion:

The club members met with Me Audette, Notary defined the club by-laws for the purpose of incorporation. The members then voted to raise a bond issue to pay for the lots on Mt. Rigaud. The next meeting to be elections on 5 March.

De 14 May 69 meeting:

VE2BU Bruce opened the meeting by thanking VE2APT Mike Johl for organizing the supper preceding the meeting. VE2AKM Dick Wansless was presented a two metre transceiver by the club. A special thanks to VE2AVP and VE2CA Norm Frendin for their work maintaining the repeater. FLASH ! As of 6 July the shack to house the repeater is on the new property. Included with these minutes were the first details of VE2RM's control system.

De 13 Aug 69 meeting minutes:

It was decided that the tower would be put up on the 16 Sep under the watchful eye of VE2ADE Guy. On the 10 Sep VE2OK Ray was to get the necessary pieces for the electrical entrance. VE2APT Mike accepted to be net control manager for the VE2RM nets. It was decided to pay Milan $250 for his expenses for the control system.

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From MARCOGRAM November 1970:


The Western Quebec VHF-UHF Radio Club is located on Mount Rigaud. The site features a newly constructed building on a fairly heavily wooded lot. The building's interior is presently in the process of being finished, through it is evident that two main room are provided. One houses the repeater equipment, while the other will be used for contests and small social gatherings. The repeater antenna array, supported on a 112 foot tower, is almost completely hidden by the trees. At last count membership in VE2RM totalled 65. Dues, donations, and other revenues have proven sufficient to cover all operating expenditures.

The club grew from VHF activities on Mount Rigaud by Joe Unsworth, Bruce Hermiston and Fraser Sypher. After a number of QSO's and relays into the city by fellows on the hill, Cam Campbell became interested in the establishment of a repeater for communications between his cottage at 16 Island Lake and Montreal. Thus the Western Quebec VHF-UHF Radio Club was formed in January of 1967: officers were:

President - VE2OJ (Jim Ibey)

Vice - Pres. - VE2ALE (Joe Unsworth)

Secretary - VE2CK (Tom Cunningham)

Treasurer - VE2BU (Bruce Hermiston)

Unfortunately Mr. Campbell died soon after the formal establishment of the club and did not see the repeater go into operation.

In April of 1967 VE2RM went into operation using a Canadian Marconi repeater that was made available by Joe Duncan VE2DB. The antennae were installed on a wooden frame tower, still standing, near the present site. Operation has been continuous since that time with one exception; lighting struck on July 3, 1968 and the station was off the for 24 hours.

Many refinements have been introduced in the original station and of course many problems have had to be solved. Many combinations of radiators were tried before settling on the use of folded dipoles in a vertical array which were made by VE2JO Al Smardon. UHF links are used as slave repeaters and for control functions. One such link to a slave repeaters and for VE2CRA site provides access and coverage of the Ottawa area, and plans are in the making to further extend VE2RM's range using this same technique. One of the more interesting features of the system is the control console built by VE2AVP. It contains the diode matrix CW identifier, a tree minute timer ( adjustable ) and numerous functions made available to the remote control station. Over 60 functions are presently executed and the capacity can be increased should more controls be required.

The Club has recently joined AMSAT. The plans are now being made to enable tracking of future satellites with automatic and remote controlled antennae.

The VE2RM club has thrived as a result of the serious interest and participation of its members and we wish them success in their future undertakings.


11 March 1970 meeting minutes had the news that VE2ADE had resigned as secretary due to the pressures of work. There was much discussion on what should constitute a quorum. The other items of much concern was a building to house the repeaters and control system. VE2FN (George Fox) showed his colour-sound movie of the change from old to the new site and the tower erection after which he donated the film to the club.

22 May 1970 meeting at Dagwood's was a social evening except for one resolution and that was to amend the bylaws as to what constitutes a quorum. This was changed from 50 % of membership to 25 %. The amendments to the bylaws can be changed by a submittals at a regular meeting provided that the membership has been notified in writing of said meeting. VE2BU (Bruce) notified us that the link was now serviceable.

BUMPS Fun Car Rally - 28 Nov 70

From minutes of meeting 11 Nov 1970:

VE2BU informed us that this is the last official meeting with Milan VE2AVP on deck. VE2RM has profited greatly by Milan's efforts, the many, many, hours he has spent working on the repeater's improvements, viz: the identifier, the remote control system were both designed and constructed by him and it is daily proving itself to be a most worthy and needed adjunct. Of course, without the co-operation of Helga VE2DGV (Milan's XYL) this project would have never seen the light of day.

Because Milan & Helga depart Montreal for their new location in La Tuque on November 26, 1970, Bruce asked for a demonstration of thanks be shown them by the assembled group. Would you believe a standing ovation ! ! !


From MARCOGRAM date ?:

VE2RM Repeater - Mount Rigaud

VE2RM is operated by the Western Quebec VHF-UHF Amateur Radio Club (officially known as VE2RM Inc.) The repeater is located on a site a few hundred feet from the summit of Mount Rigaud on property owned by the club. The site boasts a spacious 16 X 24 foot shack built last year and a heavy duty (24 inch on a side) 104 ft. tower. The 2M equipment consists of a Canadian Marconi repeater driving a 4CX250 amplifier to give about 125 watts out. Also on the site is Pye UHF repeater with a 450 receiver and a solid state control system. In the process of being implemented is a simplex link to Ottawa operating in the 450 Mc band. Future plans are to convert the VHF repeater to a low power solid state system with the output normally driving the 4CX250 amplifier. In the event of power failure, the repeater would operate from a battery and bypass the amplifier. Also in the works is a simplex linked slave repeater for Mount Tremblant as well as numerous small refinements to the main repeater such as off-frequency indication. In addition to the repeater activities, VE2RM Inc. is planning to assemble a satellite tracking station on Mount Rigaud in readiness for OSCAR-AMSAT 6.



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From RM meeting minutes of March 17, 1971 held at Wayfarer's Restaurant.

The President, VE2DM John welcomed all guests, including from DOC, the guest speaker, Vic Valiquette VE2VL and Jean L'Ecuyeur. The President brought to the membership's attention the very fine efforts of VE2APT Micheal and VE2DGD Heidi to document the history of VE2RM via a very fine photo album.

From RM meeting minutes of Dec 8, 1971:

The high point of the evening came with the presentation of a 450 MHz transceiver to VE2AKM Dick in recognition of all the uncounted times that he has helped mobiles in need of assistance or a phone call over the past years. Before the meeting closed, we had a plea from Santa alias VE2BPF Andre for cooperation with his planned Santa Claus Net to be held Dec 23, 1971 on both VE2RM and 3775 KHz.

From RM meeting of March 17,1971 held at The Wayfarer's Restaurant:

VE2AIK (Jean-Guy) presented the club with a Silver Dollar Cube to express the VE2XW's Repeater Group's appreciation for the assistance received from VE2RM when they were installing the powerline on their repeater site.

On the 12 April 1972, VE2RM had a going away party for VE2FN George Fox.

From a notice in Sep 1972 Bulletin:

Rum Tasting Reception at Corby's The Coach House on the 6th September 1972. Activity specially arranged courtesy of our former Activities Manager, VE2BRP Mike Holley.

From Nov 72 Club Bulletin:

Minutes of Oct 11 meeting. It was decided to put up the ceiling covering and the wall panels starting this weekend. VE2BMQ Burt will ask VE2BBK John Jensen to drive him in his station wagon to pick-up the plywood and ceiling tiles to bring them to the repeater site tomorrow. The next item was the second tower which is still to be picked-up. VE2BMQ is in the process of organizing a truck for this purpose. Burt also reported that the UHF repeater has been readjusted to the proper sensitivity and output power. Final membership for 72 is 76 members.

Meeting on 8 Nov 1972 at Aeroport Hilton:

34 persons in attendance were welcomed by VE2JO Al, and all enjoyed cocktails and a buffet.

From meeting of 11 Dec 72:

VE2JO read a letter from Motorola requesting leasing of tower and building space. VE2BMQ reports that the final amplifier on the VHF has been removed for maintenance after the fan stopped and that resulted in the amplifier melting. The repeater is running approximately 40 watts, transmitting on the top antennas and receiving on the lower due to some minor persistent problem with the lower antenna. The club mounted two more dipoles on the top antenna array this year. VE2DEA Adrien reports that the repeater room was panelled and white trim got painted.


From minutes of meeting of 15 March 1973:

VE2AWO Carl Scherrer reported that VE2BU Bruce is being transferred to Toronto and he asked VE2JO Al to take over as licensee, to which Al agreed. VE2BMQ Burt and VE2ZA Dick Plammer report that letters were dispatched to Maislin and DOC with regards to the interference experienced on VE2RM.

May 9th 1973 at the Wayfarer's Restaurant, VE2RM club meeting was the occasion of a supper to honour Bruce VE2BU and his XYL Joanne. A slide show and movie of VE2RM activities was shown.

On 11 July the meeting was at Corby's with 27 attending.

August 19 meeting reported a total of 80 members, and that the club was to get back $150 out of the $250 it had spent on the Montreal Hamfest. VE2BEN Ian Hodgson told the executive that the repeater was back in normal operation with the linear amplifier modified for a constant output with an input range of 20 to 40 watts.

12 September meeting was held at La Vieux Moulin Restaurant with 28 attending.

12 October meeting reported by VE2APT Micheal that the first club inventory was done by VE2BIT Dave Collins. VE2BEN Ian told the executive that the UHF repeater has a new preamplifier and output is 20-25 watts and that VE2BIT has done an excellent job of cleaning up and organizing the repeater shack. VE2FX Bill Cartlidge (VE3CZ) was appointed to invest $600 from the capital account in bonds.

From April 10, 1974 meeting minutes VE2JO Al reported that the club would be able to get a 4 dipole array and cavities for 450 MHz for approximately $200. VE2RM will go 50-50 with MARC on the HAMFEST in 74.

11 September meeting minutes: A special vote of thanks to VE2DRT Fred who painted the repeater shack this summer.

Oct 9th meeting minutes: VE2BEN Ian was granted permission to proceed in putting a second output from the repeater on 147.000 MHz on temporary basis until the change-over date of 1 June 1975.

From 15 Nov 1975 meeting minutes: Life membership to AMSAT was approved ($50). Autopatch committee report was presented by VE2BOG Bill.

Special Meeting Notice regarding third party traffic handling system held 2 July 1975 resulted in 26 to 6 with 8 written votes in favour of AUTOPATCH. With access under the control of club members.

Minutes of meeting held 13 August mention of recently installed cavities.

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A new repeater has been donated by Canadian Marconi Company thru the kind offices of VE2AYY Mike Groome of a Model DK-56 engineering prototype solid state repeater due to be installed on 14 September 1975.

From the minutes of 8 October: A Bell system 247B decoder has been obtained and thru VE2AYY Mike a solid state UHF transceiver with duplexer has been obtained.

Dec 9 minutes: The executive wish to record at this time, for clarification, that the new UHF link equipment is on permanent loan for the autopatch use but is not the property of the club. The old repeater has been requested by VE2AQZ on behalf of VE2CVR in St.Jean. It was decided to sell it to them for $25, as is, were is, including cabinets and cavities.

From the minutes of 14 January 1976:

VE2BOG Bill (now VE2AW) reported that he was disappointed in the use which was being made of the autopatch for frivolous calls. He concluded his talk with "If in doubt about the traffic you intend to conduct on autopatch, DON'T DO IT !"

From minutes of 4 February meeting:

Report there is a problem with the power amplifier on the repeater and it was decided to purchase a VHF Eng. solid state amplifier. VE2ZA Dick was authorized to purchase the unit out of funds from the equipment account of approximately $225. It was decided that the club would seek a new location for the link as there was excessive path loss to VE2VW Bob's Benson QTH. The club agreed it would purchase a heater for the shack to replace the function of heating the shack formerly carried out by the tubes in the repeater.

From March 10 meeting: It was voted that the autopatch be open for use by non-members. The motion was carried after some discussion.

April meeting: Some changes to the receiver board are planned. The club is looking for a 13.6 VDC supply at 20 A.

Minutes of 22 August 1977:

VE2BMQ Burt (President) reported on 17 July outing at the repeater site and announced the upcoming wine and cheese party at La Maison Secrestat on November 16th.

From Nov. 2 meeting we find mention of an amateur accessing Belleville as well as VE2RM and causing interference and that the station was notified of the problem.

Notes from 21 June 1978 discussed reimbursement of out of pocket money when going to the repeater site and On-The-Beach picnic at Hudson Sandy Beach on 16 July. In that July Bulletin, VE2BIT Dave wrote the first part called "YOUR REPEATER". The September issue continued "YOUR REPEATER" and went into "The Power Amplifier Story". The November issue provided 8 pages write-up on "The Autopatch" and provided FT-227R modification. Please note that there were minutes of meeting in 1978 after the January issue.

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From March 81 issue of Club Bulletin:

Minutes of 4 February shows that VE2PY Bob and VE2BQS Norm are installing their packet repeater at VE2RM. VE2EXC Ken Magee wrote about cross-country endurance race with horses held in late June 1980. In the June 81 issue of the Club Bulletin we had a write-up by Norm VE2BQS on packet radio. On 2 Feb 1982 the club had a wine and cheese party at La Maison Secrestat.

The June 1982 edition of the Club Bulletin gave forth that the repeater was having problems with intermod from the paging service nearby and this was corrected by VE2BMQ Burt installing a band pass filter on the receiver. We had another request to rent space, this time from a paging service on the tower but it was decided that we were not ready to go into the rental business.

De Club Bulletin of February 1984:

At 1983 AGM VE2BMQ Burt described the damage and what was done at the repeater site after it was damaged by a lightning strike. He described all the preventive measures to minimise damage from another strike. He also gave reason for our having an alarm system at the repeater site. From 2 Nov 83 minutes shows our receiving the AES 520 autopatch and having a 12 volt emergency lamp installed at the repeater. The other item was our first teleconference net was scheduled for the 1 Dec. Executive meeting minutes of 1 Feb 1984 indicates that the new autopatch was installed on the 30 November. There was mentioned that a letter was to be sent to Earl VE2GAL regarding illegal use of the autopatch along with "autopatch rules" - a copy of which was included in the Club Bulletin.

From Fall 84 Club Bulletin interference from a repeater on 147.015 MHz.

From Fall 85 Club Bulletin: We find another request to rent commercial space on our tower and now the club is renting to RK Electronics/Lasalle Comm. with two low band antennas (48-49 MHz). VE2HOT Nick was given permission to install his 220 MHz repeater. VE2FSA Dino Morillo and VE2BMQ Burt were at the repeater site to install a preamplifier & filter on the 450 repeater and adjust the output to the 20 watt level. The club bought two 6 volt 250 AHr batteries and installed them in May. Field Day saw the club operate two HF station. Burt installed a new battery charger and a low-pitch beep on the repeater to warn us of a power failure. The local repeat feature of the two metre repeater is now a remote control function and the autopatch is now fully functional. An article was the tale of finding the jammer by VE2FSA Dino in which VE2BTR Claude, VE2AQI Jim Leslie, VE2DPY Lionel, VE2ESV Steve, VE2HOT Nick, and VE2AM Mike participated.

Club Bulletin Feb 86:

VE2FSA Dino has found a place that will prepare 100 badges (Crests for 25 years). The club kw amplifier and UHF rig were sold at the auction for a net of $48.50. Guenther VE2BHH asked the club about the possibility of packet radio - it was decided for the time being that the club had more pressing matters but the equipment loaned to the club was installed at the repeater and was working well !

Sept 86 Club Bulletin:

From minutes of 3 April shows the club buying the Digi-Peater TNC and that the club informed the DOC of the 220 repeater and digipeater. The field day is announced. It showed that the club donated to the Jack Ravencroft Fund. Dino applied for got the call letters VE2RRM as the new call for the digipeater. During VE3CZ Bill convalescence VE2APT Michael is looking after the treasury of the club. It was decided that the reserve account be invested into guaranteed investment certificates and into 180 day term deposit. VE3CZ celibrates 60 years in amateur radio and the club presented him with 6 coasters engraved with his call signs he has had over the years.

Arising from Spring 87 Club Bulletin - pass Club President:

Jim VE2OJ -      1967            Colin VE2BK -      1968 (Honourary)

Tom VE2CK -      1968             Larry VE2BGJ - 1968/69

Bruce VE2BU -    1969/70      Bruce VE2BU - 1970/71

John VE2DM -    1971/72       Al VE2JO - 1972/73

Carl VE2AWO -   1973/74     Michael VE2APT - 1974/75

Michael VE2APT - 1975/76     Ian VE2BEN - 1976/77

Burt VE2BMQ -    1977/78     John VE2DM - 1978/79

Bill VE3ZC -         1980           Klaus VE2BSQ - 1981 & 82

Adrien VE2DEA -  1983 & 84   Dino VE2FSA - 1985 & 86

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The AGM featured a packet demonstration of packet by VE2BHH Guenther, VE2AGW Don, and Dino VE2FSA.

Fall 87 Bulletin lists VE3CZ Bill (VE2FX) and VE3HOY Dick (ex VE2AKM) as silent keys. It talks about interference and autopatch being hit by lightning again. The packet repeater is working fine.

From 13 Jan 88 minutes: We find that the 450 repeater frequency reversed and the preamp is taken off the digipeater.

The AGM of March 88 had Ian McFarland from Radio Canada International as a speaker. Other things brought up at the meeting were, that the site was cleaned up, the autopatch was at VE2AM Mike, the 220 and 2M repeaters are linked permanently. In the Summer 88 Club Bulletin promotes the Field Day and changing the tower at a cost of $5500.

Words from the Fall 88:

"This summer the entire VE2RM antenna tower system was overhauled resulting in a 2-month period that the system was off the air for practical purposes. Using a commercial contractor, the 110 ft tower complete with antennas and feedlines was dismantled. The 30 ft of deteriorated top section was scrapped and replaced with 50 ft of heavy duty commercial all welded tower. The old 80 ft bottom section of tower (commercial grade) was totally disassembled and every leg and crossbrace was cleaned, primed and painted.

All antennas were checked and refurbished with stainless steel hardware and aluminum brackets. All feedlines were checked for loss and several replaced with new lengths of 7/8 in foam heliax. Bracket made from aluminum and stainless steel were mounted every 5 ft on the tower to support the feedlines.

A new set of guy anchors was installed to guy the very top of the tower and to provide redundant anchors for protection. The portion of the top guy nearest the antennas is non-metallic (heavy duty nylon commercial guy material) so as not to interfere with the antenna patterns. The tower, antennas and feedlines were reinstalled by the commercial riggers.

Regarding the antennas, the following changes were made:

a/ 2M antenna 10 ft higher and mounted on the side of the tower instead of half above the top. This resulted in a more uniform pattern.

b/ UHF repeater antenna 20 higher with 7/8 heliax feedline.

c/ 220 repeater antenna 7 ft higher with new 7/8 heliax feedline.

d/ New 6M single folded dipole installed at 125 ft level.

e/ New 10M single folded dipole installed at 90 ft level.

f/ Second UHF corner reflector installed for link & control purposes.

1/ We have recently implemented a 10M remote base (29.5 - 29.6) linked to the 220 Mhz repeater.

2/ Digipeater: We are currently using a temporary PK-80 TNC and radio with 'THE NET' level 3 software installed. (Our equipment must be modified for level 3 operation)."


A/ Replace 7/8 air heliax with 7/8 LDF foam on 2M repeater.

B/ Install 6M repeater.

C/ Install new level 3 digipeater to replace present temporary one."

From minutes 25 Sep 91:

Burt reports problems with autopatch, the lightning hitting the repeater early in September - shorting out one of the lightning arrestor, it also caused one component failure in each of the devices. For good news, we have the "digital" repeater was installed on UHF, thus connecting various nodes in the Montreal area. Dino VE2DM found the cause of interference to the UHF repeater to be an unused TV preamplifier in the Brownsburg. Burt reports installing new eaves troughs and spraying the undergrowth to keep it under control.

From minutes of 8 Jan 92:

The thermostat that controls the heating failed. That Burt located some 12V supplies for the 'hill'. Michael VE2APT and Heidi VE2DGD announced that they were not running again because they're moving away.

De January 13, 1993 meeting minutes:

The new controller has been received and Dino VE2DM has tried it out at home, it appears to be working very well. Burt volunteered to build an interface box for it. Burt VE2BMQ advised that the packet link to Cornwall is experiencing some difficulties. Some of the batteries were tested by Burt VE2BMQ and have brought up to the 'hill'.

Membership survey results: The autopatch seems to be an important service for the members and while many would not object to seeing it removed almost all those who responded believed a private code would help control the access to the patch. The packet radio section of the survey didn't give any clear results since most members who answered the survey didn't operate packet radio. However, almost all agreed to the purchase of the existing packet radio repeater.


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