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Below are pictures of the my visit (VE2DEA) to the VE2RM site.
Click on the photos to enlarge them (300-550 KB). It may take some time if you have a slow connection.
On Saturday 20 Oct VE2DEA - Adrien, VE2EXC - Ken, VE2BHH - Gunter, VE2KHC - James, and VE2BMQ - Burt, spent most of the day at the site cleaning up and preparing the site for winter.

Building before clean-up

Tower views.

Around the shack

SR Telcom Building.

Before the clean-up

Tower details

SR Telecom shack after the clean-up


Views of the operating equipment

After the clean-up

The leaves and groth were keeping the bottom of the walls wet so we remove the dirt, enabling the water to run off.

Burt getting set to leave the site.

Antenna on the hill from St. Lazare

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