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Stuart and I went up to the site to button it up for the Winter.

We did:
- unplug the exhaust fan and put the insulation in and wooden cover
- switch the thermostat into heat (doesn't rally do anything....right?)
- installed the outdoor fan cap
- block the inside door vent with pink insulation and rigid foam
- plugged in the WX station interface to # 7 of the IP switch and wrote a script to power cycle the outlet when it crashes (which it often does)
- I bought up a few more parts bins with goodies
- we also installed a 2 meter beacon on 144.280 as discussed in the past - it is running on the 10 meter remote base antenna for now at 2 watts

We did not see ANY evidence of mice being in the house and even with no heat on, it was about 11 in the radio room. The $$ we spent is paying off in spades. I also brought up a microwave oven to be able to heat coffee and even food for those prolonged visits to the site. PLEASE... if you use it, keep it clean. It was mine for many years and it looks like its new. Lets keep it that way.
The commercial shack is ok as well.

We did notice a rogue cable that is hanging off the tower. Does anyone know of any work done on the tower without our permission? I know that since Claude was last on the tower, there should not have been anyone else --- unless it was one of the commercial tenants. Does anyone have any info on that? That is in-excusable and whoever did it needs to be reprimanded.
Here are some pictures from the visit:


15 Dec 2019

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