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What started as The Western Quebec VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Club is located on Mount Rigaud about 30 miles west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We operate 4 repeaters, namely 147.00 MHz(-600) FM, 224.980MHz(-1.600) FM, 442.250MHz(+5000) D*Star, and 442.650 (+5000) FM on emergency power.

Originally founded in 1967 as "The Western Quebec VHF/UHF Amateur Club" (a name still used), our Club was incorporated in 1969.

The VE2RM Club is very unique in that it owns its own property, buildings, and tower. The site is located near the crest of Rigaud Mountain at about 725 ft. ASL. The club owns three lots with a total area of approximately 55 000 sq. ft.

The main building, measuring 16 X 25 ft houses the club's repeater equipment in one room and a storage area in the other. The storage area was originally intended for contest operations and small social gatherings.

Minutes of our AGM for 2020 Meeting minutes of Thursday 2 April 2020.The meeting was done online with Norm VE2BQS running GoToMeet.

The following attachments are the use of hydro over the last six years  CHART
or hydro use per payment data  DATA

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We will be having "CLEAN UP DAY" on May 11 at 10 AM til 4 PM - bring racks, shovels gloves and a snack to keep you going. We have a really nice place and we need to clean it up.

Would you like to become a member of our club? We have membership of 1 year for $15.00 or 3 years for $40.00 and family membership of $25.00/year.
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Weather Underground PWS IRIGAUD5

VE2RM Inc.
P.O. Box 201
Pointe Claire, Dorval
Quebec, Canada
H9R 4N9