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Found these old negative in our achives and this is the results:
A visit to the site in the new building soon after it was built - around 1973. You can see the Canadian Marconi two meter rack and cabinet. The Milan built control system. You have the Guenter build amplifier with the big fan - the UHF cavity on the Marconi UHF control reciever - The Pye Cambridge UHF repeater.

This an AGM probably 1976 with the one before the last picture of Klaus, Heidi, and Burt counting the results.

We have several members that belong to Groupe Radio VE2RMP Radio Group or VE2-Repeater-Mount-Parent They are located in the Laurentiens and have a really nice website. They run IRLP link on VE2RMP on 146.76 and on VA2RMP on UHF.

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VE2RM Inc.
P.O. Box 201
Pointe Claire, Dorval
Quebec, Canada
H9R 4N9