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      2011 AGM at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club April 7

      Visit to repeater site 23 April 7 with Bob Blinn:

Installing the new Icom D*Star repeater system:

      BUT while we were waiting for the internet to be fixed

      The radio room is VERY Clean...................

      1: Moved the battery Charger to the back wall powered by it's own circuit breaker ( left over from my own renovations @ 116 Strathearn ) Oh Ya.... cleaned the Mouse Hotel from the breaker panel first)
      2: Cleaned all the wires punched new 2" holes where required and closed the rear tray covers
      3: Swept and vacuumed the entire room .
      4: Cleaned off the work bench so you can actually work.....
      5: Took pictures and swore at Group-Access ( at lot )

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