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Pictures taken March 1 2010 mainly of the trip up to the repeater when I met with Jean-Claude Lessard & Sebastien Grosleau of SRAD. Click on the photos to enlarge them (300-550 KB). It may take some time if you have a slow connection.

      Walking into the repeater site - the snow was a couple feet deep but rarely did I sink deep. I just compacted the snow to fill the deeper ones. Ken Magee had went in on Saturday on snowshoes.

      Tower looks good.

      Power supply readings with the fault light flashing

      Some varmit came thru here but not out.

      The back of the building.

      SRT shack lock

      SRAD walking out

      SRT is into bankrupcy again.

      Went up to meet the locksmith and opened up the SRT shack:

      Inside the SRT shack

      Looking out of the car parked by the mailbox

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